Puppy School


Run by a professional trainer, Julie Pearce of Dot Dogs

Classes are held at Thornbury Veterinary Hospital

All pups whom have had their first vaccination (given at 6-8 weeks) are eligible to attend.

Julie qualified as a dog training instructor with the Gentle Dog Trainers Association in 2006 and advocates the use of positive reinforcement with reward based training. She also worked as an instructor at the Kintala Dog Club up to Senior Instructor level until 2014. Her work has ranged from puppies to adult dogs, dog obedience certificate training, behaviour modification programs and even dingo puppy training!

Puppy School is for puppies aged 8-16 weeks. This is a critical period of socialisation for your puppy, as everything that happens in this age bracket shapes your puppy in to dog they will be as an adult.  Ensuring positive experiences during this time is the key to a happy, well behaved and well socialised dog.

The Program

Our 5-week puppy school program is an advanced program that will:

  • teach you and your pup socialization skills,
  • help you understand dogs and puppies and puppy play
  • help form obedience skills for life
  •  provide solutions for puppy problems at home - from teething to toilet training, and everything in between.

Contact Dot Dogs now to register for Classes (when press on this go to Julie details as below) and for more information on class times and prices


Email: dotdogsinfo@gmail.com
Tel:  0425 884 927